Middle School

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STEAM middle school class

Welcome to Middle School. Here at Friends Select Middle School you will find a dedicated faculty who understand and enjoy working with middle school age children. You will find innovative, hands-on curriculum that is relevant, fun, and expansive. You will find preparation for a rigorous upper school experience, advanced critical thinking skills, and a safe social environment to be yourself. We utilize our classrooms as well as the city to help our students become lifelong learners who engage, make well-founded decisions, and understand the wider world and their place in it.

Here at FSS middle school we…

  • Expand our boundaries
  • Strive to know and be known
  • Build skills and connections
  • Develop empathy and conscience
  • Continually create
  • Rise together

Can you see yourself in these photos? Can you see yourself at Friends Select?

Hope to see you soon,
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Terry Kessel
Director of Middle School