How to Apply: International Students

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We are accepting applications beginning August 1, 2022 for International applicants interested in the 2023-2024 school year.

Friends Select School requires that all international applicants either live with a family member or partner with an agency such as those listed below.

Ivy International
American Scholars

Families should complete the following steps:

  1. Complete and submit our Online Application (also available in Word version; pdf version) along with a $140.00 application fee. After the four page application has been received, the admission office will contact you to schedule a parent/guardian interview, full-day visit for the applicant to attend classes, be interviewed, and take an in-house academic assessment.
  2. Request that two current teachers (English and one other academic subject of your choice) submit, directly to the Admission Office a Teacher Recommendation. Be sure to fill out and sign the top portion of this form before giving it to the teacher to complete. See the downloadable PDF files below:
    Recommendation for application to Pre-K and K
    Recommendation for application to 1st-6th
    Recommendation for application to 7th-12th
  3. Schedule a TOEFL, a TOEFL Jr. or a SSAT test. The Friends Select School code for the TOEFL is 1460.
  4. Submit an official transcript (current and previous year) including grades, attendance records and standardized test scores (Release Form for School Records).
  5. If the applicant cannot visit Friends Select, please call (215-561-5900, ext. 3128) or e-mail Caroline Slingluff for further instructions. We will schedule a Zoom interview after we receive all (application, transcripts, two teacher recommendations, TOEFL or SSAT scores) the application materials.

English as a Second Language/English Language Learner (ESL/ELL) classes are offered for an additional fee. It is determined through the admission process if these classes will be required of the applicant. Most international applicants take the ESL/ELL classes.

If your child has a psycho-educational evaluation report: We welcome but do not require copies of the report as an added component of the application process. (If an applicant is accepted and if we have not already received a copy of the report, we require the report at that time and before enrolling in order to determine if the student is eligible for the kinds of accommodations our program is able to provide. It also serves as a useful tool in assisting the student during his/her first year at Friends Select and beyond.)