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Pre-kindergarten is the beginning. It’s a rare opportunity to start off just right. So we don’t just nurture our four- and five-year-old students. We respect them. We listen to their opinions and consider their perspectives. We strive not simply to shape young minds, but to inspire them. We aim to spark fascination that lasts into Lower School and long beyond.

Lower School

Second and third grade students study paleontology and water systems with world-class scientists at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Twice a week for a third of the school year, students attend classes at the Academy. In early spring, young paleontology students travel to a fossil dig at a "secret" location in New Jersey, accessible only through the Academy.

Middle School

In every subject, middle school students learn to independently explore. So when they do, inevitably, move onward, they’ll be prepared to eagerly tackle whatever lies ahead.

Upper School

Upper school students replicate mitochondrial DNA via PCR (polymerase chain reaction), so they could sequence (i.e. read the letters) of a portion of their DNA code. The purpose was to see their relationship to one another as well as to ancient human ancestors with the use of a DNA computer database. Students did this activity during their study of DNA technology.