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Catherine “Kitty” Robinson Yanak
“Betzis,” are you still there?

Renee (Spur) Teyssier Fitzgerald

Greetings from The North Wood. I am living in a car facility in Manistee, Michigan. I enjoy activities, visits and summer when all of my great-grandchildren come to the area to swim and sail.


Jane Egan Dittig My walker has become my dearest friend.

Clark Tyler Thompson I have retired from several jobs; my first was my retirement from a career as a Physics Research Engineer. I am living in Wexford, Pa. and am an active member of the Western Pa. Alumni Club of the University of Pennsylvania. I am still married to Rose,and have been for 63 years.Hang in there classmates!

Henrietta M. Jaeger I just wrote a book Five Strolled into Madness. You can get it at Barnes & Noble. It’s a true story about a psychiatrist and his family who lived on the ground of Norristown State Hospital in the 1950s and how it affected them.

Suzanne Westwater It's my ninth year here at Indian River Estates, Vero Beach, FL. I thank my third husband, Mitch, for buying us in. Mitch died in 2010, but I feel blessed to be here.Two of my children and four grandchildren are still in Massachusetts, and one child and two grandchildren are Californians. Of course, some grandchildren have jobs elsewhere: one in Washington, D.C. and one in Australia.

Betty Jane Wetherill Moore I am still in Hawaii. I love it here, but miss my family.

Olga D. Dambly In April 2014, I moved into the Fountain’s at Cedar Park. I’m enjoying my life here. There’s always something to do.

Doris K. Firth I moved to a new condo and love it! There is a lot to do at the “Club House” and I am active in some of the activities and trips they offer. I have a wonderful family that gives me great joy. I hope all is well with the Class of 1945.

Andrew Lucine My brother, Al, (1943) died in March, 2014.

Lores LeVita Gilfix
My husband, Ed Gilfix, passed away in March 2014, after a marriage of 62 years. We were fortunate to have had so many good years together. My best to the Class of 1946!

Eugenia Kaledin

For those of us who still have modest amounts of energy I suggest visiting the new Barnes Foundation and the Eakins Room at the Art Museum - sustaining reminders of what a great art city Philadelphia has always been. Happy Memories!

Henrietta M. Jaeger I have just produced a film my son made on The Devon Horse Show. You can see it on your computer here.

Melissa Blair Day I fondly recall FSS, especially Mrs. Laurie and the art history attic. My husband, Richard, and I are looking forward to our 64th anniversary! We love living in Columbia, SC, near our son and family, and have been here 39 years. We have many years of foreign travel, supporting the abundant music venues here, and the arts.


Nancy “Gibby” Whitehouse Life keeps bumping along. I think of my classmates often. I still play golf and volunteer at the local college.

Dolores (Ginger) Sabin Mastrangelo I am enjoying my retirement. I am spending summers at the Jersey Shore and winters in FL. I was saddened to attend Ken Benson's funeral in May (husband of classmate Marilyn Huzzard Benson). We need a class reunion. It has been a long time.

Leslie Eustace Mulder
I went to South Africa last summer and enjoyed an indescribable safari. It was a trip of a lifetime! Ginger Sabin is correct, it is time for another reunion.

Dr. Jay J. Basch
Hiya you all, Class of ‘51! As your representative, I am trying to make the 65th reunion happen in the spring of 2016. I hope you will attend!

Verne Spitz Rice While I was at FSS (1947 – 1953) my father, Armand Spitz, donated an early version of his planetarium to the school. In July 2013, I gave two presentations about his early work at professional planetarium user meetings. Perhaps some FSS people might remember the donation. My talk was captured on YouTube, if anyone is interested. I’d love to hear from people who recognize the story!

Jacqueline Friedman My 9th grandchild was born in Japan in January of 2013; my 2nd great-grandchild was born in Spain in April of 2013. Christmas getting VERY expensive!! Hello to all.

Ann Tarshish Krupnick I continue to be involved in volunteer and study groups and OLLI at Temple University. I’m looking forward to our reunion.

Fran Sussman Israel
I’m looking forward to my reunion in 2015. All status quo in sunny southern California.

Robert D. Berger I’m living in Maryland and looking forward to our 60th reunion.

Max Massey I continue to enjoy Henry James, to whom Master Jim Snyder introduced me in 1956-57 via Washington Square and The Portrait of a Lady. He also recommended Willa Cather, whom I did not read until my 40's and who has become a favorite. As for Miss Sheets, may she RIP!

Margaret Supplee-Smith FSS gave me a good start! After years as a college professor I have retired but am still writing books, most recently American Ski Resort: Architecture, Style, Experience (OUP, 2013).

Llewellyn Kramme-Rinald I am still a professional artist living in Mexico for half the year. This year, I have shown my work more in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico;but also have won ribbons in Highlands, CO, Florida and Teziutlan, Mexico. I still enjoy my four grandchildren, who are off to college, and one finishing college Locally. I live in the same town as Anne Nichols Reynolds '61 - a Friends Select pal.


Larry Spector I am retired after 40 some years in advertising, mostly in New York

Carol Toner Shane I'm enjoying seeing Mary Lafferty again after a too-long hiatus!

James Lipschutz I am ranked 1st in men's 65 & over men's single's tennis in PA, New Jersey and Delaware, in 2011 known as Middle States.

Anne Nichols Reynolds I am a retired teacher and have been a member of the Board of Trustees of the South Florida Community College for twelve years. I am enjoying reading, traveling, writing, painting and archaeology. I am enjoying life and on-going education.

Candi Bedford - Corbani I am opening Hidden Oaks Clubhouse in Santa Barbara, CA again for the swim season, with seven international students sharing my home. I'm also building a bigger wedding venue business. Retirement does not appear to be in the cards!

Nancy (Brody) Kleinberg Editor’s Note: Nancy is planning the ’63 and ’64 reunion for the weekend of 5/1 – 5/3. Alumni/ae from those years can contact her at for more information.

Barbara Weisberg Editor’s Note: Space Creatures, a children’s book by alumna Barbara Weisberg, is now available on! Barbara has experience with independent publishing and has worked with houses such as HarperCollins - check out Talking to the Dead: Kate and Maggie Fox and the Rise of Spiritualism for another great read! If you’re looking for some advice in writing or publishing, let us know; Barbara would be happy to connect.

Barry Zitin I retired last spring and we moved from the suburbs into Boston in the fall. We are enjoying city living.

Andrea Hanaway I just retired from 40 years of emergency medicine. I have more time now to ride my horse and play with my grandchildren, and I’m thinking of learning to play the mandolin!

Carol Lisker Kennedy Janet Brady, Susan Lonker and I are starting to talk about our 50th Class reunion in 2016. Please contact one of us in you are interested!

Sally Weiner Grotta Note from Daniel Grotta: Proud husband alert! Since the publication of Sally Weiner 's newest novel The Winter Boy , the buzz about it has been steadily building. The latest honor is that the book is on the prestigious annual Locus Awards ballot. Sally continues to be very active creating and exhibiting herAmerican Hands narrative photographs, as well as accepting speaking engagements and writing other books.

Susan Weiss Wallner I’m still living in Bethesda, MD, near my daughter, Judith. In May, she was married to Ted Stern, so it’s been a happy and busy year.

Anne Woods We are finally empty nesters. Our youngest daughter graduated from high school this year. Our oldest daughter becomes an M.D. next year. Our son is an Urban Planner in DC.


Barbara Bell I lost my sister and best friend, Robin Bell, Class of 1968, in January of 2014.She was a microbiologist and teacher for over 20 years and had many interests: she was an athletic swimmer, she was interested in science, history, the environment, and anything equestrian. She was part of history, as she was at the finish line to witness Secretariat's victory in the Preakness. I miss her everyday. She was a special person.

Christian Roop At the end of 2013 I was laid off from MetLife after 15 years. They relocated my job to North Carolina and I decided not to move. I’m currently doing property management (my own) and doing all the improvements I put off for the last 18 years. I’m healthy and active and participated as security marshal at the People's Climate March in September of 2014 in New York City.

Alexandra Tyng On Friday, May 8, my solo show, Ways and Intersections, opened at Gross McCleaf Gallery, 127 S. 16th St, Philadelphia. I want to tell you about the cityscapes I'm working on. Most of the paintings are from high vantage points.This year I've been climbing to the tops of Philadelphia's skyscrapers to take reference shots for a new series of paintings.

Genessa Goldsmith Proctor Here in Florida, I have just wrapped "Dolphin Tale 2" after nearly 5 months on location in Clearwater, the scenic foreman. Three years ago, it was my privilege to meet Winter when we made "Dolphin Tale". The first film had a huge impact on the Clearwater Aquarium and it's surrounding communities, as well as the disabled and ill worldwide. I believe it has become one of the most requested destinations for the “Make a Wish Foundation.” They hope to release this film in September 2014. I can say that I finally got to work on a show that really made a difference; who knew it would be about a dolphin with no tail! I miss all the creatures there but I'm glad to be home with Thom and our four-footed ones. This summer Thom and I will celebrate our 37th anniversary; it doesn't seem like I am old enough for that. It was great seeing everyone at the reunion and Dick's celebration last spring. Later in the year I got together with Renee Brewer Shields while Thom and I were in Ohio. It was the first time we've seen each other since graduation! I also recently heard from Albert Ford Jr., who has built a successful career as a musician and composer.

James Wong James and his wife, Patricia, were presented with the Benjamin Franklin Distinguished Alumni Award by the Penn Club of Hawaii for "perpetuating the values of Ben Franklin through their service to the Club and the community."

Nancy Sundal I'm a 7th grade special education teacher in Madison, Wisconsin. My husband recently retired and our youngest son is currently a Music Industry sophomore at Drexel University, which has brought us back to Philadelphia several times the last few years - our first time back in about 30 years! I would like to acknowledge Bob Harnwell for his patience with my math resistance. I now spend much of my day working with struggling math students.

Carlyle Alford III The 40th reunion was the highlight of my year. Just as the Friends believe there's a little of God in each of us, there's a little of the school and, more importantly, each of my classmates within me. Reconnecting was an incredible experience!

Paul Libiszowski I am taking up a position in Madagascar for four years.

Jon Goldman I just came back from Costa Rica where I had the great opportunity to spend a few meals with classmate Jovan Damjanac '76 and my wife Nicole, and son Isaac, (my daughter was in L.A.). Jovan is developing a wonderful sustainable village there based on true ecotourism planning with the large-scale firm Gensler & Associates. It is a beautiful place he has been working on for years now, in a small, seaside village called "Dick's celebration." Be well.

Gabriella Jordan I continue to head the Education Division for the Handel Group where I teach at schools including Stanford Business School, MIT, Yale Columbia, NYU and others, courses on Designing and Leading Your Life. I am loving it. I am still singing and living with my fabulous husband and 2 daughters in NYC.


Michael Williamson My first son, Jacob, is in college! He attends the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown. It is a nice, small campus.

Juliette Siegfried I’m enjoying life in Leiden, Netherlands, with my husband and 5 year old daughter. My medical editing, translating and writing business,, is going quite well (finally!). I’m also enjoying Europe and the ability to visit other countries so easily. If anyone comes to Amsterdam, please let me know!

David Spawn I’m excited to be on the board of Wirth Cooperative Grocery, serving as treasurer, with a mission to address healthy food discrepancies in low income neighborhoods. I’m also excited to be marrying my partner of 12 years in the fall of 2014!

Karen Young Editor's Note: Karen recently illustrated a children's book called "Stewie Boomstein Starts School." She donated a copy to the Lower School Library and writes, "I give so much credit to art teacher Alice!As for the book, we have since become gold award recipients for the moms choice awards in children's books."

Daniel Traub Editor's Note: Daniel is a a photographer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. Daniel’s new book, North Philadelphia, is “a photographic portrait of a neighborhood in prolonged crisis. It offers a compelling glimpse into an urban area that is emblematic of many such regions throughout the U.S., hovering between decay and possibility.”


Stephanie Claypool I'm living in Colorado with my husband, John Henry, and four sons, Jack (13), Will (11), Nick (8), and Luke (3). I'm staying at home and busy with family life. I'm very excited for my parents to move out to Colorado in 2014!

Vikki Sloviter I am living in Wynnewood, PA and raising four kids (Maya-14, Noah-12, Benn-9 and Eli-5) and two bullmastiffs. I am also finally realizing my calling and am a ballet and portrait photographer. Last winter, I was one of five winners of the "Capture the Moment" Pulitzer Prize Photographs contest where my documentary image was on display at the National Constitution Center. This fall, my black and white photo of a ballet dancer was on a billboard above I-95 welcoming drivers to Philly, and I recently had my first exhibition, as part of the 1st Annual Philadelphia Dance Photo Expo.

Fenita Moore Editor's Note: Fenita was just promoted to partner at Dilworth Paxson LLP in Center City, Philadelphia. She specializes in Corporate and Business, Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking & Financial Services and Securities. Read the complete press release here.


Mahriana Rofheart In August 2014, I started a new job as Assistant Professor of English at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, GA. My book /Shifting Perceptions of Migration in Senegalese Literature, Film, and Social Media/ was published in December 2013.

Ariel Djanikian Editor's Note: Ariel's debut novel, The Office of Mercy, was recently released. The young-adult novel describes a post-apocalyptic America, and she read from the book this past April at the Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania, her alma mater. Learn more about her work on her website!

Patrick Madden Editor’s Note: Patrick F. Madden is an associate attorney in the Consumer Protection, Employment Law, ERISA, Insurance Products & Financial Services, and Lending Practices & Borrowers' Rights practice groups at Berger & Montague.

Ji-Myung (Jim) Kim I attended the Indiana University School of Music after I graduated from FSS and spent most of my 20s there. In the middle of my doctoral study, I was in the army back home in Korea for 2 years (2007-2009). In 2012, I taught violin at Western Kentucky University for a year. Now I am back in Bloomington, Indiana working on my doctoral thesis.

Julia Judson-Rea Editor’s Note: Julia will be marrying Craig Dulniak in April of 2014. She works at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Melissa Hozik Editor's Note: Melissa's comic book about bipolar disorder, My Big Sister Megan, is now available as a Kindle edition on Amazon and available for print at Indy Planet. The comic book is written in an age-appropriate manner, for children 7 and older, and serves as a catalyst for a deeper discussion about mental illness and its affects on the individual as well as the family. Check out the links to order Melissa's comic book!

Rich Oakey I rode my bike across the country from Pittsburgh to Florence, OR from May to mid-August. Some of my trips will be solo, but I was joined by my brother, John '06, in Wyoming.

Clifton Smoot I enjoyed reconnecting with FSS this Fall at the San Francisco reunion as well as my 10-year reunion. I brought my girlfriend to both events and, no coincidence, we got engaged January 1, 2014.

Elizabeth Judson-Rea Elizabeth married Dan Amstutz in May of 2013 and is working with young children in Greensboro, N.C.

Hilary Bisenieks In February, I took the position of Systems/Network Administrator at the Head-Royce School in Oakland, CA, where I had been working as an IT Support Technician since July of 2012.

Nichole Liccio Nichole graduates in May 2014 from Rosemont with a Master of Arts in Publishing.

John Oakey Editor’s Note: John is working as an 8th grade language arts teacher at Mott Hall III MS #128 in New York City. He joined his brother, Rich, on a bike ride from Jackson Hole, WY to Florence, OR.

Alex Winthrop Editor’s Note: Alex Winthrop is living in Portland, Maine, where he paints and sculpts by day and is an artistic mixologist by night.

Bruce Jackson Editor's Note: Bruce recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business with a bachelor of science in economics and statistics and was named to the dean's list with honors.

Emmeline Kim Editor’s note: Emmeline’s film called dearSAPPHO was accepted into a British Film Institute Festival in London, LGBT division. The film ran in London from March 20th to 30th, 2014, and was then shown at the Toronto Film festival in June, 2014. A film festival in Argentina has since asked Emmeline to send over her film for public view. More information on her work can be found at

Zachary Winthrop Editor’s Note: Zach is attending Hershey Penn State Medical School and finishing his first year. He spent one week in Panama with Doctors Without Borders.

Alexandra Krantzler Editor’s Note: Alexandra graduated from Guilford College this past May, 2013.

Zachary W. Wright I am working in Malvern, PA as a SEO-Content Coordinator for a company that deals in nothing but Mustang aftermarket parts. I’m very grateful to love what I do and to have a job that puts such an emphasis on creativity.

Claire Cocroft Editor’s Note: Claire is a proud alumna of Carleton College.

Mariel Rowland Editor's Note: Mariel is currently a student at Occidental College in Los Angeles, Ca. and is interning in the education department of a museum in LA this summer.

Danielle Fitzgerald Editor's Note: Currently a junior at Swarthmore College, Danielle was recently nominated by one of her professors and selected as one of five Swarthmore students to be honored as a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow.The fellowship program was created to increase the number of minority students, and others, who choose to enroll in doctoral programs and pursue academic careers. The foundation's grant provides term and summer stipends for students to work with faculty mentors as well as a loan-forgiveness component to reduce undergraduate indebtedness for those fellows who pursue graduate study.

Arman Dezfuli-Arjomandi Editor's note: Arman has taken a leave from Santa Clara University after completing his sophomore year, and he is still enjoying his life in Silicon Valley as an independent iPhone (iOs) app developer with four current apps in the iTunes store. Most notably Falcross, Slide, Jake and Amir and Photopinions. He is also singing acoppelo with Supertonic.

Gabrielle Gibson Editor's Note: Gabrielle is now a business informatics major at Widener University. She recently teamed up with three other students enrolled in the School of Business Administration for the first international student idea contest hosted by Software AG's University Relations department. The idea Gabrielle and her team pitched at the contest involved to using Software AG's Presto to enhance athletic performance. Her team won the third place prize in the international competition as well as a trip to New Orleans to present their idea at Software AG's Innovation World 2014 conference.

Former Faculty

Jane Ashcom (1981 - 1994)
I’m still volunteering as a docent at the Princeton University Art Museum and now volunteering at Doylestown Library. I’m also enjoying my grandchildren.

David H. “Master Dave” Rinald (1964 - 1970)
I am still living in Florida and “staving off” retirement while serving as organist and choirmaster at St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church in Lake Placid, FL. Regard to all!

Stephanie Judson (77 - 00)
Amy Rosenberg Cohen '82, came to Penn Charter to catch up with me as her former teacher, and to work with Lee Payton ‘95. Amy works for History Making Productions, and Lee is the chair of the social studies department at Penn Charter. Head of School, Darryl Ford, '83, came in to say hello.

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