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There are so many ways alumni/ae can get involved in the life of the school.

PA Annual Auction

Each year, Friends Select holds a wonderful auction attended by trustees, alumni/ae, teachers and parents. It is a big undertaking with plenty of opportunities for participation. Do you have something to donate? Can you volunteer your time to solicit items or to work at the event? Or, are you simply interested in attending, having a good time, and bidding? You are welcome in any capacity. Contact the auction committee: auction@friends-select.org.

Class Reunions

Organizing a class reunion is as easy as e-mailing a few friends from your class and asking them to reach out to a few more classmates. Friends Select holds multi-year reunions in Washington, D.C., New York and Boston, where there are significant concentrations of alumni/ae. We certainly would consider other locations, based on alumni/ae feedback. Are you willing to organize a class reunion – or perhaps a multi-class reunion? Or perhaps you’d like to put together an event-filled homecoming weekend that would draw your friends back to Center City. What would entice you to attend a reunion? How can we help you re-connect with friends from your Friends Select days?

Contact director of alumni/ae programs, Julia Greenberger at 215-561-5900 ext. 3106.


Mentoring relationships benefit both parties immensely. The mentor has the privilege of sharing his or her expertise and experience; the “mentee” benefits from wise counsel. Do you have insights to offer or support to give about college choices, career paths, or other topics? The first step in offering mentoring programs to Friends Select students and young alumni/ae is to have a solid “bank” of mentors.

Speakers Bureau

What do you do? What is your specialty? What expertise might you share with the students? The extended alumni/ae community is a largely untapped educational resource for current students and other alumni/ae. Volunteer to be a speaker. Or, help set up a database of available speakers.


Steven Weiner ’58 and Kristen Cox Santiago ’98 are co-chairs of the Alumni/ae Annual Giving Committee, which is working to increase the percentage of alumni/ae who give back to the school. Join the effort by giving a personally-meaningful contribution. Help by making fundraising phone calls, identifying potential contributors, or going with Christine Jefferson (director of development/alumni/ae relations) and Michael Gary (head of school) to solicit potential donors. No one can make a stronger case for supporting Friends Select than an alumnus or alumna. For more information contact Christine Jefferson chrisj@friends-select.org. We look forward to working with you!

For general information about volunteer opportunities, contact: