Friends Select's SummerSessions program offers a variety of in-person courses that use the school’s Center City location to create in-depth, exploratory learning experiences for students of all age levels and backgrounds. In distinct tracks like City Academy and City Lab, and some pay-what-you-can courses, students will have opportunities to use Philadelphia as a living classroom. SummerSessions courses will run from June 20 through August 19, keeping students engaged throughout the summer. 

City Academy  More academic classes for support, advancement, or exposure. These can be anywhere from 1-6 weeks long.

City Lab A range of experiential, exploratory courses online and in-person. These courses will be primarily 1-2 week explorations. Topics include art, cooking, languages, digital storytelling, 3D modeling and printing, and more.

City Institute: City Institute offers teacher-to-teacher professional development courses for educators.