• Upper School
Algebra II

Teacher: TBA
Dates: June 20 - July 28 (8:30 a.m. -  12:30 p.m.; no class on July 4th)
Cost: $1,000
Prerequisite: A- or better in Algebra I or Geometry (teacher recommendation required)

This six-week intensive course focuses on strengthening students' computational skills in solving equations and graphing linear equations. Topics include: simplifying expressions (polynomial, exponents, roots, rational), solving linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, solving systems of linear equations, and graphing linear functions. Because of the intense nature of this course, students must have a strong Algebra I background (end-of-year average of A- or higher). Additionally, Friends Select students must earn a B or higher in this course to move on to Pre-Calculus. 

Students attending the SummerSessions at Friends Select for course credit are expected to attend each day of class. A student will be denied credit for a summer academic course if they miss more than THREE class periods of that course. Students who miss more than the permitted number of class periods will receive either an “Audit” or a “Withdrawal” depending upon the particular circumstances. The teacher, in consultation with the Math Department Chair, may grant individual waivers to the maximum absence policy under extenuating circumstances.

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