Upper School Family Association Welcome Letter 2021-22

Hello from your upper school representatives to the Family Association (FA) board! We are excited to welcome everyone to the 2021-22 school year. 

The FA board acts as liaisons between you, Friends Select families, and the school administration. We have a monthly audience with Chris Singlar (upper school director). Prior to those meetings, we will solicit questions/comments, but we are always available and welcome your input. We encourage you to "attend" FA meetings, affinity groups, and events—all of which are listed in the Bulletin and school calendar. You can sign up to join an FA group here as well.

Throughout the year, you will receive a lot of communication. We want to highlight the primary communication channels the school uses to share news with families:  

  • 2021-22 Updated Health and Safety Protocols: In this section of the Friends Select website, you will find information about health and safety protocols that the school has implemented in response to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

  • Parent Portal: The Parent Portal on the Friends Select website is full of information about upcoming events as well as Canvas instructions, the all-school calendar, and more. It is accessible 24/7 and includes the school directory

  • Bulletin: The upper school sends messages directly to you or through the Bulletin, which is emailed weekly on Thursday afternoons and includes timely reminders and upcoming events. Should you have any questions regarding these emails, or you are not receiving them, please reach out to Deneen Young in the upper school office at deneeny@friends-select.org.

  • Grade Representatives and Class Google Groups: Every grade has a family representative. They share information from the FA and work to support our community. After classes begin, your grade representative will be in contact via email to introduce themselves. They will share the Google group address for your grade and all families can use that to coordinate with each other. We are looking for 9th and 10th grade reps. Email familyassociation@friends-select.org if you are interested.

Thank you for your engagement and involvement in our school community. We look forward to the year together. 


Judy Andrews-Battle P'25, Valerie Brand Pipano P’25, ’32, and Lea Yeager P'23, ’26 

Judy Andrews-Battle P'25
Judy is the mother of Jordyn (grade 9). Judy joined the FSS community three years ago and had the opportunity to get to know several families at the school. She has also served on the Multicultural Friends and Family Group and worked to include a representation of all cultures in activities and workgroups during the course of the school year. Judy is a Human Services Administrator in Philadelphia.

Valerie Brand Pipano P’25, ’32
Valerie is the mother of Oren (grade 9) and Zev (grade 3). She has been a member of the Friends Select community since Oren’s first day of pre-K. This is her first year serving as an upper school rep after having served for several years as a class representative. Valerie is also an attorney in Philadelphia.    

Lea Yeager P'23, ’26
Lea’s daughters Keira (grade 8) and Lucia (grade 11) have been at FSS since the beginning. She has volunteered  in many FA roles, most notably as one of the long-time organizers of the Faculty and Staff Appreciation Breakfast. This is her second year serving as upper school FA representative. Lea is a veteran teacher of pilates, fitness, and movement.