Middle School Bulletin

Middle School Bulletin 5/20

8th Grade trip to New Mexico
Everyone is enjoying themselves despite the flight delays of the first day of the trip. For the flight home on Friday, please rely on Twitter (@fssmiddleschool) for any last minute changes. As of now, the group is scheduled to arrive at 11:04 p.m. on American Airlines flight 0947.

Upper School Curriculum Coffee for 7th Grade Parents | Wednesday, May 22, 8:00 a.m.
Join Chris Singler, Director of Upper School, and Erin Pratt, Associate Director of Upper School for an informal conversation about the upper school experience at Friends Select. They will cover the main points of the academic program, extracurricular opportunities, and the transition to upper school. The coffee will be held in the Seminar Room.

Library books and equipment | due by Friday, May 31
All library books and equipment are due back by May 31. 
Parents and/or guardians will be billed for any library items that are not returned by June 7. Please email Tr. Maureen (maureenh@friends-select.org) with any questions. 

Looking Ahead

6th Grade trip to Cape May | Monday, June 3 - Tuesday, June 4
An informational letter will be sent out shortly. 

Four in Philly Days for the 5th Grade | Monday, June 3-Thursday, June 6

5th Grade End-of-Year Celebration | Thursday, June 6, 8:30 a.m.

7th and 8th Grade Final Exams | Monday, June 3 - Thursday, June 6
See here for the schedule

Middle School Picnic for 5th-7th Graders | Friday, June 7

8th Grade Closing Ceremony | Friday, June 7, Race Street Meeting House, 8:15 am
A letter about the closing ceremony will be going out next week. 

If you have questions about: Person: Contact Information

Overall education and school programs, academic policies, and guidance

Peter Cline
Middle School School Director

215-561-5900 ext 3123

Disciplinary matters, student clubs, social events, middle school service, scheduling concerns, student support, and guidance

Desiree Harmon

Middle School Dean

215-561-5900 ext 3124

Your child’s overall well-being and academic performance, class schedule, academic advising please contact your child’s Advisor.
Advisories meet four times during the week. Advisors know advisees well and should be the first point of contact for most concerns or questions

Amanda Cartier-Brandon
5th Grade Advisor

Stephanie Demko
5th Grade Advisor

Fred Brown
6th Grade Advisor

Heather Gosse
6th Grade Advisor

Herb Kerns
6th Grade Advisor

Patrick Cassidy
7th Grade Advisor

Daniel Consiglio
7th Grade Advisor

Alexis Flack
7th Grade Advisor

Dan Capecchi
8th Grade Advisor

Fred Kogan
8th Grade Advisor

Anne Wentling
8th Grade Advisor












Concerns about a student’s emotional, mental, or social well-being

Natan Gottesman
School Psychologist

215-561-5900 ext 3138

Questions about learning accommodations or Peer tutoring

Molly Patterson

Middle School Learning Specialist

215-561-5900 ext. 3125

Health issues, questions about medications

KellyAnne Papianou
School Nurse

215-561-5900 ext 3114

Multicultural programs, affinity groups for parents and students, diversity-related questions

Naté Hall

Diversity Coordinator

215-561-5900 ext. 3122


Athletic teams

Bill Klose
Athletic Director

215-561-5900 ext. 3135