Interior Masthead allows parents/guardians to place money on their child's student ID to be used in the dining hall. With, you are

able to check your account balance, set up automatic payments and low balance alerts, and monitor your account activity.

How It Works:
  1. Register: A parent or guardian completes the online form that includes their credit card information. An email with a validation code is then sent to your email address that was entered during the registration process.
  2. Validate: The parent or guardian enters the validation code which activates their account.
  3. Add Students: Once a registered PayForIt member, the parent or guardian can begin to add students to their account and begin funding their meals. To accomplish this, you must know your child's student ID number, school and grade. This is a requirement for registering your student to the account. Student ID numbers are on their ID badge, and are the same throughout a student's career at FSS. ID numbers can also be obtained by emailing Ellen Gershman at
  4. Deposit: Using the Make Payment page, you can now deposit money into any or all of your student's accounts. Money deposited before midnight will typically be posted to the student's account by the following morning.
Any issues with your account can be resolved by sending an email to the PFI Help Support Staff. For more information on, please visit the site and check out the FAQs page .