Anatomy and Physiology Students Study at the College of Physicians

Upper School students in Natalie Mayer's Anatomy and Physiology class are supplementing their coursework with assistance from a world renowned medical research collection. The College of Physicians is hosting Friends Select students for six sessions, during which they reference texts and exhibit material that apply to in-classroom curriculum.

The students first visit was designed to match their study of body sections and images. The class had the opportunity to view centuries-old anatomy texts, a first-edition original copy of Gray's Anatomy, and an art exhibit with items produced using a technique known as quilling to portray body slice images made of paper. Students learned how forensic scientists can determine age, sex, and ancestry by examining dental structure, pelvic shape, bone length, and skull markings. The class also visited two of the Mütter Museum's most popular attractions: the "soap lady" and Albert Einstein's brain.

Other sessions will be led by Mütter Museum instructors, medical professionals and an anatomy artist. Topics will cover body modifications, a sketch class of museum specimens, behind the scenes tours, a case study led by a medical professional, and Murder at the Mütter.

Natalie planned this year's course with help from Jacqui Bowman, PhD, Director of the Center for Education at the College of Physicians. Jacqui is the parent of Friends Select graduates Ella '16 and Oscar Serpell '11.

In addition to Anatomy and Physiology, Natalie Mayer teaches Biology and Advanced Biology. She is the Science Department Chair and 12th grade Lead Advisor, and has been teaching at Friends Select for 11 years. Natalie received her B.A. from University of Pennsylvania and her M.D. from Temple University School of Medicine. Prior to teaching, Natalie's work included working at the White House as well as Sesame Street Productions.