Michael Gary, head of school
Michael Gary, Head of School

“Our location at the intersection of commerce and culture in Center City means we bump into each other, we leverage chance opportunities to bring down the walls, and we work across boundaries to learn and solve with greater depth.” This truth, which is articulated in our strategic plan, Advance Friends Select, is one of the defining characteristics of a Friends Select education.

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Peter Cline, middle school director
Peter Cline, Middle School Director

I have reached the point in my career where I’ve gained the perspective to look back and discern some of my formative moments as an educator. One thing is certain—some lessons, once learned, cannot be unlearned.

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Recent Alums Reflect on Staying in the City for College
Friends Select School

When Friends Select alums Olivia Chiaravalli ’18, Grant Pavol ’18, and Philip Sieg ‘18 were making their final college decisions, a couple of important factors came into play. In addition to attending schools that would allow them to follow their academic and extracurricular passions, they wanted to stay in Philadelphia, the city they grew up in and continue to love. 

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