A Place for Equity and Inclusion
Toni Graves Williamson, Director of Equity and Inclusion

When I opened my office door on August 1 the room was completely empty. Completely. I knew it wouldn’t take long for that to change because all of my stuff was on its way from the suburbs, but I took a moment to look around and imagined how I would set things up and just what I could do with this wonderful piece of real estate in our cozy building. 

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Embracing Our Community
Heidi Hutchison, Director of City Curriculum

Being “in the city and of the city” is deeply connected to our Quaker values. It’s who we are; it’s what we know how to do best. Advance Friends Select, our strategic plan, provides a path for us to follow in order to develop external partnerships to meet teaching and learning goals. Our Center City location provides unending opportunities to leverage these partnerships in order to create authentic learning experiences for our students.

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Necessary Failure: A Perspective for Teachers (and Parents)
Peter Cline, Middle School Director

Early in my career as an educator, I believed that if my students failed it meant that I had failed. After a number of false starts and interesting mistakes, I had become, at age 30, a high school English teacher. My linking of student success with my own success was, for me, a very comprehensive belief, and it meant that I worked very hard and not always very happily. 

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Quakerism at Friends Select
Chris Singler, Upper School Director

As a Quaker school, Friends Select aims to embody seeing “that of God” in every student, faculty member, and staff member. The school also strives to embrace the notion of continuous revelation, or that there are truths out there (but not one Truth) and we can gain greater access to these truths both together and individually. How do we bring these lofty notions alive in a real and present way? How do we hold ourselves to high standards related to being “Quakerly”? What steps has the school taken to shore up its work in these areas?

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