Our Commitment to Staying in the City
Michael Gary, Head of School

The year 2019 is significant for Friends Select School as it will mark our building’s 50th anniversary. It’s an important occasion for us to reflect upon the conversations, deliberations, consultation, and decision of our Friends Select leaders in the 1960s to solidify our current location at 17th and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Their careful planning enabled us to remain in the city and of the city.

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New Year, New Possibilities
Peter Cline, Middle School Director

I’m excited to be entering my second year at Friends Select School as the Middle School Director. I love the middle school years—the dynamism, the seeking, the flowering of possibilities. I’m particularly excited by our Middle School, and some of the new things that will be rolling out this year that will give our students increased opportunities for agency and further strengthen an already strong and warm community.

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Furthering Our Understanding as Educators
Dave Younkin, Lower School Director

Quakers believe that new truth is constantly being revealed to those who seek it, and that each new bit of understanding helps us create a more developed picture of the whole. For us as educators in a Quaker school, continuing revelation is what drives us forward in refining our teaching craft. There are always new understandings to be developed, and this is what keeps us energized and fresh year after year. One could say we are never done, nor should we be. 

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