Michael Gary, head of school
Michael Gary, Head of School

In the 1960s, Friend Select leadership made the bold and correct decision, in my opinion, to stay in the heart of Philadelphia instead of selling the campus to buy a more sprawling piece of real estate in the suburbs to build a new campus. They envisioned themselves being part of efforts to address the issues that were ailing the city at the time. Their foresight and commitment propels us—and compels me—to continue the legacy of preparing students for the whole of life and to “walk cheerfully over the world,” with a heightened level of cosmopolitan competence.

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A New Angle on the Triangle
Scott Quitel, Drexel University Director of Social Entrepreneurship and Assistant Teaching Professor

Read about a gardening project on long-abandoned land, infamously known as the Logan Triangle, which Friends Select fifth graders worked on as part of their Four in Philly week this past spring.

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