Friends Select School Community Stewardship Statement

As we embark on the new school year ahead, our connectedness in successfully managing the realities of COVID-19 is of utmost importance, requiring that we collectively renew our shared Quaker responsibility of community stewardship. By agreeing to this commitment, all members of the Friends Select School community will follow these principles both while on campus and in the wider world to prioritize the health and safety of our community here at Friends Select School:

  • We will wear our face coverings at all required times.

  • We will practice physical distancing to the extent possible.

  • We will follow all the required hygiene protocols as posted.

  • We will honestly perform our morning self-monitoring routine for our Ruvna check-in, not come into school while sick, and will report any COVID-19 symptoms in a timely manner.

  • We will hold our fellow community members accountable to all building protocols with helpful reminders.

  • We will avoid putting other members of the community in the position of holding us accountable by following the posted safety protocols in the first place.  

  • We will use the email to report any building concerns, or share the information with a supervisor.

  • We will continue to monitor and follow all local health department advisories on travel and gatherings outside of the home. 

  • We will limit non-necessary travel and follow Pennsylvania guidelines on self-quarantine when returning from states identified as having high COVID-19 positivity rates.

We recognize that, while we share these responsibilities as a Friends Select community, all our community members are also navigating their unique individual and family responsibilities. With that in mind, we will hold each other in the Light and will treat each other with empathy and the kindness that characterizes our community here at Friends Select.