Friends Select School Partners with Drexel University for Summer Entrepreneurship Course

In partnership with Drexel University’s Close School of Business, Friends Select School is proud to offer Nature, Grittiness, Grit, and Entrepreneurship In The City as part of its flagship SummerSessions course offerings.

From July 9th to July 20th, rising 10th through 12th graders can enroll in this immersive urban experience that will stimulate wonder, awe, and curiosity with the explorations of Philadelphia’s unique and unsung landmarks. Three-hour class times will largely take place off campus, and the varied journeys will expose students to both fabricated and natural beauty, as well as challenging social problems. Inspiring local social entrepreneurs who are positively impacting the city’s neighborhoods will join students. By the course’s end, students will be instilled with an awareness of the amazingness of Philadelphia and—perhaps—an urge to get involved in a cause related to their personal passion.

In the summer of 2017, Desiree Harmon, Middle School Dean and SummerSessions Director at Friends Select School, met with Drexel University’s Close School of Entrepreneurship founding Dean and Silverman Family Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership, Donna De Carolis, Ph.D; Damian Salas, Assistant Teaching Professor and Assistant Dean of Drexel’s Entrepreneurship Programs; and Scott Quitel, the Close School’s Director of Social Entrepreneurship, to lay the groundwork for Friends Select’s summer entrepreneurship course. The Founder of Land Health Institute—a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to “Put Nature Back” through exploration, environmental education, and community-based land revitalization—Quitel will be further enriching the course with his expertise and instruction, and will incorporate material from the courses he teaches at Drexel.

Harmon encourages high school students attending both private and public schools in Philadelphia to consider enrolling in the course. She says, “The Nature, Grittiness, Grit, and Entrepreneurship In The City summer course offers high school students an intensive two-weeks of college level material and instruction, taught by a Drexel professor. It is a wonderful addition to our SummerSessions rotation and an extension of how Friends Select uses the city as its classroom throughout the academic year. It is a really genuine and unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Philadelphia.”

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