Standing Against Antisemitism

Dear Friends Select community, 

We are writing to share that today some upper school students discovered a swastika carved into the sidewalk across the street from school property (on 17th Street, close to the Parkway). We do not know how long this Nazi carving has been there nor who is responsible for it; however, as soon as we found out about it, we called our local contact at the Philadelphia Police Department and reported it. Our contact told us that the city will be investigating this incident, and Center City District is in the process of removing it.

We wanted to let you know about this incident to reaffirm our commitment to standing against antisemitism and all forms, expressions, and symbols of hate. It is extremely upsetting to see this carving so close to our school, and so near to the Horwitz-Wasserman Holocaust Memorial Plaza and our partners at the Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation. The rise in antisemitism throughout the country in the past few years has been deeply disturbing. As a Quaker school, we stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and support the Jewish members of our community, the city, and beyond. Please join us in holding in the Light all those who are subjected to and affected by such antisemitism, and let us continue to support one another.

In solidarity,

Michael Gary
Head of School

Toni Graves Williamson
Director of Equity and Inclusion