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Wellness Week: February 18 - 21

"Wellness" likely has a different meaning for each of us, though most people can agree it's a good thing! That is why the Friends Select Parents Association Wellness committee has partnered with the school to create the first-ever "Wellness Week" for our entire school community.

From February 18 - 21, we will spotlight a wellness theme each day: 

“Try It” Tuesday

  • Lower, middle, and upper school: Try a nourishing smoothie in the dining hall
  • Middle and upper school: “Try it” intentions discussed

Mindfulness Wednesday

  • All divisions will integrate moments of silence in transitions throughout the day 
  • Self-care checklists distributed
  • Lower school: Mindfulness-themed worship sharing
  • Middle school: Mindfulness 101
  • Upper school: Meeting for Worship exploring alternative ways to be mindful

ThursDay of Kindness

  • Lower school: Kindness quilt activity and kindness Bingo cards 
  • Middle school: Meeting for Worship kindness-related query; kindness checklist, and kindness quilt project in Advisory; body kindness meditation at recess 
  • Upper school: Kindness jar outside of Deneen and Erin’s office

Keep It Moving Friday 

  • Community building: Middle and upper school students are invited to recess with lower school students

Additional resources: 

For more information about Friends Select's Wellness Program, click here