What Makes a Great Team?

“The greatest players don’t create the best teams, the greatest teammates create the best teams.” What does it mean to be a great teammate? Ask any Falcon at FSS and they will know the answer. Be honest with yourself and your teammates. Respect your teammates, opponents, and coaches at all times. Remain positive and supportive throughout competition. Being on a team is like being part of a family. You go through a season together, always. If your goal is to get better and closer as a team every day, you will end up where you belong at the end of the season.

We know that wins are important in sports and we take that seriously. The Falcons have recent championships to prove it. But success is not measured in just wins and losses. We are proud to have a fully inclusive athletics program. You will never be told that you cannot play on a team. When our athletes graduate from our programs, the life lessons they take with them are with them forever: organizational skills, time management, work ethic, dedication and leadership. We want all of our student-athletes to learn and practice these skills and then take what they learn here and do even more wonderful things in the future. 

The Falcons are excited about the 2017 fall season. The boys and girls soccer teams each have amazing numbers to support strong programs. The girls tennis program is adding a JV team for the first time because of the excitement and interest surrounding their program. Cross country continues to impress with their dedication and hard work while running through our beautiful city campus. Our field hockey team just finished up another week-long camp with Academy International and enjoyed working with coaches from across the world. The exciting play and positive energy coming off of our turf field on the roof can be heard throughout the city!