Administrator Mike Noonan Retires after Four Decades

Mike Noonan's Retirement Celebration


Mike Noonan, director of finance, is retiring after devoting 41 years of his career to Friends Select School. The school has been the center not only of his life, but his family’s as well; Mike’s wife Pat taught math at Friends Select for many years and served as dean of students, and all three of their children attended Friends Select. “I am very grateful to this school for what it gave me and my family over these many years,” Mike said.

While finishing up his Master’s degree at Drexel University, Mike was hired in 1978 as Friends Select’s business manager. He said, “The job was appealing not only for the great things that I had heard about the school through Pat (the people, the working environment, and the mission of the school), but also because it sounded like it had many elements of providing support to dedicated people delivering a meaningful and impactful product—the education of young people along with opportunities for taking the job to the next level in support of operating the school.”

Over the years, Mike has been involved with human resources, admissions, finance, insurance, and more. In his early days, he even chaperoned student dances and camping trips. In addition to being director of finance, Mike has spent recent years managing the maintenance supervisor, dealing with physical plant issues and improvements, overseeing changes around the building, working with architects and the property committee, and covering building emergencies. “Being able to put on all of those various hats helped to make the job interesting and different each day,” said Mike.

While Mike is excited about retirement, he acknowledged that he will miss many aspects of his life at Friends Select. “I will miss working with my business office team—Pat Liczbinski, Nancy Rafferty, and Penny Razler. They are terrific people. We had fun and always got a lot of work done.” Mike will also have to adjust to quieter days. He said, “I am going to miss the activity of the place, the day in and day out vibrancy of the hallways.”

Mike is keeping his retirement plans fluid, but they will definitely include spending time with his family and traveling internationally with Pat. He’s also looking forward to reading more and tackling some major house projects. He intends to help his children, a screenwriter and a playwright, with their research, and would love to tag along with his son, a sports agent, on a basketball-scouting mission. He also eagerly awaits grandchildren one day.

After such a long and successful career, Mike remains thankful for the experience. He said, “I certainly am glad that I got connected to such a wonderful and rewarding place that gave me more than what I could ever put in. Friends Select will always be a part of my life.”

In recognition of Mike’s vital role in administering Friends Select’s financial aid program, The Mike and Pat Noonan Student Assistance Fund will be created to help students cover school costs not included by tuition, such as trips, computers, textbooks, tutoring, and more. Visit to contribute to this endowed fund.