Building and Safety Updates for 2019-20

Over the summer, our staff made numerous updates to Friends Select’s building and campus. These updates were designed to improve the security of our school and safety of our community, as well as to enhance our learning environment as a whole. 

Security Updates

  • Security Cameras: We added a new camera to the back entrance of the school, and we improved our security camera system throughout the building, to facilitate remote access and management. 
  • Key Fob Access: We added key fob access to the pool and fitness center.
  • Ruvna: We are in the process of adopting Ruvna, a digital communication system that faculty and staff will utilize to communicate more quickly during drills and emergencies. 

General Updates

  • Parking Lot: The parking lot was repaved and repainted. 
  • Blacktop: We created a new play space and activity area, painting tracks and bases for sports.
  • Dining Hall: We repainted the dining hall, and are in the process of adding new furniture.
  • Lower and Middle School Rooms: New projectors with built-in speakers have been added to all lower and middle school rooms.
  • Middle and Upper School Library and Upstairs Hallway: We added new furniture to improve study spaces.
  • PA and Seminar Rooms: These two rooms have been converted into upper school classrooms. 
  • Falcon’s Nest: We created a new seating area in this space.