Falcon Notes: The Need for Speed School

Bill Klose, Friends Select’s athletic director, always thought it would be beneficial for student athletes 
to participate in additional training. “Our athletic program is taking off, and we are attracting high-level athletes who want to work hard and prepare for college athletics,” he said. “Student athletes at Friends Select deserve top training and coaching, and I want to ensure that happens in order to help them excel in their athletic goals.” And since a majority of Friends Select athletes participate in several sports, Bill found it necessary to develop a supplemental program last fall that appealed to the athletes’ broad range. He offered speed and strength training—a regimen that uses efforts against a resistance with free weights, one’s own body weight, weight machines, or bands—to enrich the agility of all participants.
For the eight-week program aptly titled “Speed School,” Bill partnered with Brandon Bing, NFL Super Bowl champion, founder of Probing Elite Fitness and Performance, and specialist in speed development, strength, and conditioning. The two have a 20-year friendship that dates back to Bill’s position as the athletic trainer at Brandon’s high school, and spans Brandon’s collegiate football career at Rutgers University and professional roles with the Denver Broncos and 2012 Super Bowl champions, the New York Giants. In 2014, Brandon created the Brandon Bing Foundation, a nonprofit organization that encourages youth empowerment through community endeavors and educational mentorship. Through events such as charity basketball games, speaking engagements, and college tours, Brandon helps young people maximize their full potential and obtain their goals. “I’ve always wanted to inspire people to be the best version of themselves through action,” Brandon said. “That’s how we ultimately progress.”  

Bill recognizes Speed School as an effective addition to Friends Select’s athletic program, as well as an advantage when compared to peer schools. “Not many schools can say they have an NFL Super Bowl champion training their student athletes!” Bill said. 
“More importantly, though, any opportunity for our student athletes to increase their confidence and learn new skills and drills to improve their athleticism is a huge success.” 

Minas Macos ’20, a member of the varsity soccer and baseball teams, enrolled in Speed School to improve his athletic skills. “The Friends League is very competitive and full of more-than-qualified athletes,” he said. “I found Brandon’s once-a-week sessions and workouts made a difference for me.” 

Brandon reflected on his goals for Speed School participants. “Speed School offers skills for students to excel on and off the court, track, field, or diamond,” he said. “Speed and weight training go hand-in-hand as far as athletic improvement, but students have to practice consistently to see progression. At a minimum, they are learning to have the drive, focus, and dedication of an elite athlete.” 

The motivation of those enrolled is already evident. As Bill explained, “To accommodate existing practice schedules and after-school activities, training sessions took place on Saturday mornings. It takes a level of dedication to come to school early on your day off and work hard, and the students were truly committed.”

Bill believes the program has increased the confidence level of the athletes, and feels participation in the training will help increase function and decrease the risk of injuries. Approximately 16 to 24 students attended Speed School each week, and the results were apparent; Brandon and Bill are planning a spring session of Speed School and look forward to making the program available each school year. Bill thinks Brandon’s expertise is integral to the program’s success. “Brandon is such a great coach and trainer,” Bill said, “and 
he connects really well with each athlete.”