Named Scholarship Program

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Your commitment today will make a great education attainable for one eligible Friends Select student.

Facts About Financial Aid at Friends Select School

Throughout the school’s history, Financial Aid has been inextricably linked to Friends Select’s mission to provide an outstanding education to a culturally and economically diverse student body in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Currently, the board of trustees allocates over $1.8 million to financial aid which benefits over 30% of the student body. When students of various backgrounds come together in a school community, opportunities for learning multiply – in and out of the classroom, for the benefit of all.

Your Investment

  • A four-year pledge of a minimum annual gift of $2,500 per year establishes your need-based scholarship. The scholarship can be in your name, or you can honor a teacher or a loved one with the name of your choosing.

Your Return

  • One eligible Friends Select student will be granted your scholarship at the start of your four-year commitment.
  • Your scholarship will be available for immediate use this academic year, providing a deserving student with opportunities that are uniquely Friends Select – meaningful, relevant, and life-changing.
  • Your scholarship sets an example of giving for students to emulate in the future, promoting the Friends Select spirit of generosity with the next generation, and sharing your gratitude for your own connection with Friends Select School.
  • Your four-year commitment will ensure that the student receiving your named scholarship will enjoy the opportunities offered by a Friends Select education for the duration of his or her upper school career.

Who Will Benefit from Your Need-based Scholarship?

Shannon Griffin ’12 is excited about her future. After graduating from Friends Select in 2012, she pursued a double major in Mandarin and Psychology at Bates College; to top it all off she just joined the debate team. Her varied interests are no surprise to those who know her at Friends Select. During the five years she spent here she was quite the Renaissance woman. In addition to excelling in the classroom, Shannon participated in a variety of extra curricular activities like the Black Student Union, the Basketball, Soccer and Cross Country teams, Yearbook Committee, and she served as President of Student Government her senior year.

Shannon looks back fondly on her Friends Select experience and continues to express her gratitude for the scholarship assistance that made her education possible. Shannon Griffin ’12 in her own words.

“Martin Luther King Jr. once said, ‘Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.’ Friends Select nurtured my spirit while challenging me intellectually. I grew not only as a student but as a person in an environment where there was always a lesson to be learned. Whether I was reading Mrs. Dalloway or trying to push through the last mile of a cross country meet with a teammate right beside me, I was learning the value of community, responsibility, spirituality and self-confidence.

By the end of my eighth grade year, I considered Friends Select as a second home and my classmates as family. However, my parents didn’t think they could afford for me to continue to attend the next year; my mother wrote a letter to the school leadership explaining why I would not be enrolling for upper school. The administration reached out to her, and on the morning of my eighth grade graduation my mother informed me that thanks to an additional scholarship, I would be staying at Friends Select. I’m sure everyone thinks most of my smiles in the photos from that day are attributed to my excitement of finally reaching high school, but in actuality those smiles are from the bliss of knowing that I would continue to grow with a great group of people and learn from the most patient, caring, and inspiring teachers. My family and I are so grateful for the generosity of Friends Select and the donors who give every year.”

Shannon’s journey is inspiring, but not entirely unique. There are many outstanding community members like her attending Friends Select today who would benefit from your need-based scholarship. For more information or to make a gift, contact Christine Jefferson, Director of Development and Alumni/ae Relations, at 215-561-5900 ext. 3141 or

Shannon Griffin

“A gift to the Financial Aid and Scholarship program at Friends Select will permeate generations, allowing the school to continue to foster productive citizens. I look forward to the day that I am able to support future students, so that they may be afforded the wonderful opportunities that I experienced. It’s the generosity of donors that enables so many children to experience a quality education, betterment of life, and the illumination of a path that will lead them to make a difference in the world.”

- Shannon Griffin ’12

Jacob Gardner-Rosen

"Friends Select's educational program, Quaker values and place in the city have prepared me for life in ways no other school could. I am deeply grateful for the support that made my education at Friends Select possible."

- Jacob Gardner-Rosen '10