Teacher Tributes

A great teacher can change the trajectory of a student's life, forever. Please enjoy this video featuring Friends Select alumni/ae, faculty, and students discussing the impact of phenomenal FSS teachers, such as Margaret Sheets, beloved english teacher from 1954 - 1970.

Celebrate a Friends Select community member who is special to you by making a gift to the Friends Select Fund in their honor. Your thoughtful gesture will immediately and directly benefit current FSS students, faculty, and programs. Please include the name of the person you would like to honor so we can notify them of your thoughtful gift. Tell us why you gave and we will post your quote below.

Teacher Tributes:

"I gave to honor Herb Kerns, the best math teacher I ever had. Herb not only inspired me to love math in the classroom by making his classes and assignments fun and engaging but also keeping discipline in the classroom through the use of his favorite refrain for anyone who complained; 'wah'. Thinking about him say that still makes me smile to this day. Herb, also showed me what it means to be a good role model and community member outside of the classroom. As my JV basketball coach, he was always there, through the highs, such as hitting the half-court three pointer to win the game at GFS JV tourney during freshman year, and the lows, talking me through my frustrations when I didn't think I got enough time or was missing my shots. I am certain I wasn't the only one who benefited from this level of commitment. In many ways, Teacher Herb exemplifies the FSS experience. He showed me how to live a balanced and full life but also one guided by courage, strong values and commitment to community. Thank you, Herb, I’d like to think I am partially who I am today because of you and the other great teachers I had at FSS.” - Kusi Hornberger ’98

"I gave in honor of Sarah Lee because she is a phenomenal teacher. She was such a blessing to my son, Blaine." - Anne Tartikoff P’24

Lynda Greenwade has had the biggest impact on my life of any teacher, ever. She helped guide me and push my passion in art, which now has grown into a successful career. I truly feel lucky to know her.” - Nick Vogelson ’02