A Diverse Community

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Diversity Statement

Friends Select School believes in the Quaker values of respect for all, simplicity, the peaceful resolution of conflict, and a constant search for truth. We seek to teach our students, in the words of George Fox, to “walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone.” We work to achieve balance between the needs of individuals and our community in an atmosphere of cooperation and concern for the betterment of all, seeking to extend our values beyond the school community.

We therefore acknowledge that the composition of our community, its students, families, faculty, and staff deeply influences the intellectual and communal life that all experience at the school. Our community is diverse in terms of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, belief system, family structure, and economic background. We strive to maintain a safe environment where every member of the community is respected and where multiple views are expressed.

We are also committed to a culture and a curriculum that encourage awareness of and empower response to global issues and events. As members of the community move beyond our walls, they therefore think critically, advocate for change, and take an active role in the building of a better world.

A Diverse Community

Our curriculum cultivates diversity in student interests. We’re not a school of artists, or athletes, or even science enthusiasts. Instead, artists are also biologists and experts on Chinese culture. Athletes are math champions and thoughtful contributors at Meeting for Worship. Science enthusiasts are team captains and stars in the school play. We encourage each student to explore unfamiliar subjects and discover new interests and abilities.

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Toni Graves Williamson

Director of Equity and Inclusion