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Friends Select School is under the care of two Meetings of the Religious Society of Friends—Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting (Race Street) and the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia (Arch Street). The Board is comprised of 22 trustees, 12 of whom are directly nominated by the two Friends Meetings. The 10 at-large members (non-Quaker) are selected to attain a good balance of strengths within the whole of the Board. Current and past parents, as well as alumni, are well represented in the body.

There are a number of committees that work to support the mission of the school. These include: Head’s Advisory Committee; Committee on Trusteeship; Development Committee; Finance Committee; Quaker Life Committee; and Property Committee. As needed, special committees will be formed to work on the strategic plan, major fundraising campaigns, or significant building projects. The guiding principles of the Board are to sustain the financial stability of the institution, and to support the work of the Head of School. Therefore its most important work is to review and approve the annual budget, and to approve major initiatives, policies, and expenditures.

The Board of Trustees meets seven times during the school year. The schedule includes a September retreat and the Annual Members Meeting.


Board of Trustees

Jeffrey Abrams

Robin Joan Bernstein ‘67

Benjamin Camp

Oskar Pierre Castro

Donald “Guy” Generals

Grant Johnson

Ingrid Lakey ‘89

Elaine Lander

Louise Langford

Matthew Lee

Heath Meyers

Ed Pappas

Abby Schrader

Ashley Searles

Amit Shah

Jaimin Shah

Stan Silverman

Samantha Simpson

Natalie Valentine-Adams

Nancy Van Arkel

David Waxman

Elizabeth Widdicombe