Quaker Education

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In addition to its college preparatory academic mission, Friends Select is fully committed to the testimonies (simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship) and practices of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), which are integral to the life of the school and its community.

This Quaker influence manifests itself daily in the practice of peaceful resolution of conflict, service toward others, and respect and inclusion. The school is "under the care" of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting (Race Street) and the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia (Arch Street).

Meeting for Worship

Every Wednesday, each of the three divisions of the school walks to the meetinghouse on Race Street. In the manner of Friends, the Meeting takes place in silent search for Truth; those who are moved to speak rise to do so out of the silence. At times during the year, the entire school community comes together for Meeting.

Meeting for Community

Lower school students are taught to listen to each other and to work through challenges as a group. Meeting for Community, for example, brings together classes or groups for cooperative decision-making and planning in a manner that strengthens the community.

Conflict Resolution

Clear expectations for behavior contribute to the well being of the individual and the community. Friends Select is committed to teaching nonviolence and creating a community in which all members seek peaceful resolution to conflict.

Community Service

Inherent in the school's belief that "learning should be placed at the service of society," community service is an integral feature of the curriculum. Service begins in the lower school with classroom responsibilities and participation in school-wide projects and continues through middle and upper school.

Students Describe Quakerism

girl in Quaker church

Quaker worship service

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