The Financial Sustainability and Endowment Growth committee is tasked with establishing systems and policies that ensure ongoing assessment of present revenues, expenses, efficiencies, and investments. This committee has three primary areas of focus: revenue generation, programmatic and facility enhancements, and diversifying adult and student populations.

This committee continues to implement a strategic plan that:
•Expands initiatives to grow the endowment and other sources of revenue.
•Establishes competitive faculty and non-faculty compensation.
•Addresses short- and long-term needs to improve facilities.
•Enables the school to attract, enroll, and employ a diverse student body, faculty, and professional staff.
•Systematically examines and addresses standards of affordability for tuition and financial aid.
•Leverages reciprocal partnerships to support financial goals.

A Lasting Friendship Creates $1 Million Endowment Fund for Friends Select

In the spring of 2018, Herb Siegel ’46 honored his friend and classmate Andy Lucine ’46 with a generous challenge to the Friends Select School community: Herb would match, dollar-for-dollar, $500,000 in donations to support need-based scholarships for Friends Select students. By the end of the calendar year, the community delivered: a total of $508,305 in gifts was raised by alumni/ae, parents, former faculty, and trustees to establish The Andy Lucine ’46 Scholarship Fund, a $1 million endowed fund to support students.

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