The overall goal of Excellence in Teaching and Learning is to develop a comprehensive and contemporary teaching master plan. Already Friends Select has hired a director of equity and inclusion and a director of city curriculum. These two senior administrators work with students and parents, faculty and staff, promoting cross-cultural competency and connecting the Friends Select community with the larger community of Philadelphia and our society. In addition, Friends Select has facilitated other committees such as City Curriculum, Student Voice and Agency, Professional Development and Ongoing Discovery, Quakerism, Wellness, Visual and Performing Arts and Athletics, and Equity and Inclusion, which reflect the school’s core principles.

Friends Select continues to implement a strategic plan that:
•Ensures best practice through ongoing discovery and professional development.
•Enhances cross-cultural competency and experience.
•Defines the role of athletics and the visual and performing arts in the program.
•Provides structures and leadership opportunities that elevate the student voice and agency for change.
•Sustains a strong commitment to Quaker values, social justice, and a culture of inclusion and respect.
•Leverages external partnerships to meet teaching and learning goals.


Friends Select's New Upper School STEAM  Building

The momentum of the Advance Friends Select: Transformation Campaign continues with the expansion of Friends Select’s campus across 16th Street. Work is under way on the historic townhome at 1520 Race Street, which will officially become the upper school’s center for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM), with four floors and 15,000 square feet for classrooms, laboratories, and studios.

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