Tuition and Affording a FSS Education

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Friends Select affordable tuition

We work with families to provide an affordable Quaker independent school education. If Friends Select is the right fit for your student, we want to make Friends Select fit for your family’s budget.

Friend Select's financial aid

Our average family has an annual income between $95 to $150 K. So there’s a good chance you’ll qualify. You need only to fill out the forms. Each year, we devote millions of dollars to ensure that more than 31% of our students receive financial aid. Which is almost double the national average for independent schools. To apply, visit Financial Aid.


Tuition and Fees 2021-2022

Lower School Middle School Upper School
Grade 5- $35,000 Grade 9- $41,750
Grade 6- $36,500 Grade 10- $41,750
Grade 1- $30,500 Grade 7- $36,500 Grade 11- $41,750
Grade 2- $31,500 Grade 8- $36,500 Grade 12- $41,750
Grade 3- $31,500    
Grade 4- $33,500    
Food Plan- $1,350    


Unlike many schools, Friends Select tuition is comprehensive and includes fees for such things as trips, yearbooks, laboratory science, and more. This means that except for lunch and what you bring in your backpack, everything is included. In lower school you don’t need to worry about packing a lunch. All lower school families participate in an inclusive food plan, which offers nutritious snacks and lunches for the year. Private (Friends Select) busing and an After School Program are available for your convenience at an additional cost

tuition easy monthly payment options

The Monthly Payment Option allows you to spread out payments beginning in June, continuing for the next 10 months until the final payment in March. A one-time fee of $85 is charged for the 10-month plan.

timed payment options

We want it to be as easy as possible to make your payments. The Time Payment Option allows you to pay 67% of the tuition by July 1, with the balance due by January 15.

loan plans

Additionally we have loan plans available which allow you to borrow funds to cover tuition for one or multiple years. These options offer extremely flexible repayment schedules to fit your needs.

We work with preferred vendors Springstone Financial’s Your Tuition Solution.