National Alumni Board

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The National Alumni Board is designed to reinvigorate the school’s relationship with alumni throughout the country, to establish a greater alumni presence in the school, and provide representative alumni perspective and input on a number of topics important to the school.

The Friends Select National Alumni Board convenes in Philadelphia in the fall of each year. The schedule for the day consists of briefing sessions, business meetings, class visits, master classes, performances, social events and an all-school Meeting for Worship at the Race Street Meetinghouse. Members of the NAB are also invited to participate in focus groups, the results of which assist the school in planning for the future. The program culminates in the evening with an alumni and faculty awards ceremony and after party.

If you are interested in participating in the meeting contact:


2021-2022 FSS National Alumni Board

Daniel R. Fascione '49
Judy Love Keogh '55 
Steven J. Weiner '58 
Calvin S. Morris, Ph.D.'59 
Bill Blauvelt '63 
Fred Cohen '64 
Robert Feldman '65 
Christopher McNeur '65 
Jane L. Brydon '67 
Richard Wolgin '67 
Allen B. Massiah '69 
Samuel Spear '71
Richard H. Hunt, Jr. '74 
Daniel C. Scheffey '74 
Cindy Katz Wanerman '74 
Tracy L. Romans '75 
Gabriella Jordan '76 
Barry Gessner '76 
Robert B. Kusner '78 
Sam Olshin '78 
Deanna McRae King '80 
Lisa Chapman Napoleon '80 
Peter E. Jaffe '80 
Rebecca Sayles '80 
Steven D. Lawrence '81 
Charles X Block '81 
Rob Einhorn '81 
Adam Goldman '82 
Nina Pritzker-Cohen '85 
Martha Eisenberg '85 
Elizabeth Chiaravalli '87 
Mathieu Shapiro '87 
Holly-Jo MacMoran '92 
Karla Zarate-Ramirez '92 
Corey S. Riley '94 
Fenita L. Moore '97 
Kristen Cox Santiago '98 
Bevin Gwiazdowski '99 
Chris Arlene '00 
Mindy A. Paul '02 
Kelli M. Sawyer '03 
Leah Kellar '07 
Yvonne Hyde-Carter '11 
Ben Behrend '12 
Lexi Ivers '14