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At Friends Select, we aim high. Whether we’re shooting for the skyscrapers on our rooftop athletic field or swinging for the fences in Fairmount Park, we don’t just play for the win.

We focus on teamwork. We learn discipline and dedication. We’re not just athletes, we’re Falcons. We play tenaciously, but with integrity. We help every student let their individual strengths shine. We bring sportsmanship to every game. And whether we’re flying as a flock or soaring as individuals, we always play for something more than the score.

Schedule of Athletic Events

All Day
4th Manny Flick
Schuylkill River
Abington Friends School
Dairy Fields - Fairmount Park
Jenkintown High School
Dairy Fields - Fairmount Park

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Arilson Champam

Aquatics Director, Head Aquatics Coach

Bill Klose

Athletic Director

Carl Trainer

Physical Education

Chris Willis

Athletic Trainer