FSS Sports Philosophy

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The athletic program, open to students in grades six through twelve, helps students build a sense of self-esteem and of community through teamwork and individual accomplishment. Students learn skills and strategies of the games and participation in the athletic program encourages good sportsmanship, responsibility, and time management skills.


As an integral part of Friends Select School’s educational mission, the athletic program encourages commitment to self, team and the school community. On an individual level, each student develops motivation, skills, discipline, and pride in achievement. By participating on a team, students cultivate and demonstrate integrity, commitment and dedication to their sport and to one another. Collectively, student-athletes build community by embracing competition and school spirit, strengthened by high standards of sportsmanship. The athletic program prepares students for the “whole of life” by teaching valuable lessons that extend far beyond their years at Friends Select School.


Friends Select’s athletic facilities include:

  • 25-yard swimming pool
  • Full gymnasium
  • Wrestling gymnasium (mat room)
  • Fitness Center
  • Athletic Training Room
  • Girls and boys locker rooms
  • Roof-top athletic fields (includes 8 tennis courts, field hockey field)
  • Fitness/dance studio
  • Soccer, softball and baseball fields in Fairmount Park
  • Vesper Boat House