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STEAM classroom

The purpose of the STEAM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is to build off of the excellent work that teachers are already doing in each of these content areas by helping them develop activities where students can activate their knowledge by making interdisciplinary connections. Students should feel like they can be scientists outside of science class, or creative in mathematics.

One of the goals of our STEAM Program is to help students become empowered as rigorous tinkerers. When they see something they do not understand, whether it is a physical object or an idea, we want them to feel comfortable with opening it up, taking it apart, and trying to use it a number of different ways in order to figure out how it works. Failure can be really scary until you realize that it is the best teacher you have. By collaborating on iterative hands-on projects integrated into their classrooms, students build skills like perseverance that help them tackle large, complicated problems.