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The primary goal of the College Planning Office is to guide students to identify a list of colleges and universities which best matches each student’s unique abilities and ambitions, and provide guidance, support, and advocacy throughout the college process. Following Friends Select’s motto, The Whole of Life, the College Planning Office supports and upholds each student’s academic and extracurricular passions and strengths in an effort to help the student discover multiple colleges where they will thrive.

Friends Select’s college planning process is thorough, individualized, and collaborative. In ninth grade we provide guidance on how to effectively approach high school. For tenth and eleventh grade students we focus on standardized testing, course selection, and co-curricular opportunities. Students and parents meet individually with college counselors beginning in the eleventh grade. In the senior year we work intentionally with each student on their college applications. The College Planning Office also hosts panels for our international students, athletes, and artists.

Friends Select’s college list reflects the range and variety of our students’ interests, strengths, and talents. This is demonstrated in the colleges where our students have applied and matriculated in the past three years.

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Meet the College Planning Office

Tracy Matthews

Director of College Planning and Testing/Registrar

Rachael Polton

Associate Dir. of College Planning

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