College Counseling Timeline

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high school students searching for colleges

For Upper School Students

Freshman Year

  • Students sit for the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) CTP IV assessment test
  • College planning discussion for parents

Sophomore Year

  • Students sit for PSAT 10
  • College planning discussion for students and parents - focus on standardized testing

Junior Year

  • Students sit for PSAT - 11th grade exam can qualify students for National Merit Scholarship
  • Junior College Night in late fall - focus on the college process
  • Students complete college planning homework
  • Parents/Guardians complete a parent questionnaire
  • Students meet with assigned college counselor beginning in February
  • Parents/Guardians meet with their student’s assigned college counselor
  • Students request letters of recommendation from teachers
  • Students participate in a practice interview session with admissions officers
  • Students attend the school sponsored local college tour in spring
  • Students begin working on their college essays in English class
  • Many students sit for their first “official” standardized test in the spring
  • Students and parents begin to visit colleges and attend college fairs and receptions

Senior Year

  • Seniors attend Intensive College Application Workshop in late summer
  • Families attend Senior College Night in early fall - panel discussion regarding choosing a college
  • Students meet with college counselors to discuss application process
  • Students meet with college representatives who visit Friends Select
  • Students and parents visit colleges and college fairs
  • Students share application materials with college counselors for review
  • Students submit applications and test scores by posted deadlines
  • College counselors submit school materials to colleges - transcripts and letters of recommendation
  • Students receive admissions decisions by April 1
  • Students submit enrollment to colleges by national deadline of May 1

College Resources

Naviance is a web-based program that allows students to keep track of their applications, deadlines, scholarships, college visits to Friends Select, and more. Use the college data and the data collected on Friends Select graduates since 2004 in Family Connection to help make thoughtful decisions about where to apply. Here is the link to Naviance (password protected):

Take practice SAT exams, do a college search, register for the SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests, submit your SAT scores to colleges, and more.

Take practice ACT exams, register for the ACT exam, submit your ACT scores to colleges, and more.

Get information on federal student aid and how to apply for federal need-based aid. Where to fill out and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Where to access the College Scholarship Service PROFILE financial aid form.

Get information about and where to apply to colleges and universities that accept the Common Application.

The site of the advocacy organization Fair Test, which works to end the misuses and flaws of standardized testing. It provides a list of four-year colleges and universities that do not use the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT to admit substantial numbers of undergraduates.

Home of the NCAA Eligibility Center. Get important information regarding eligibility to compete on Division I and II athletic teams, Friends Select’s approved list of Core Courses, NCAA rules for athletic recruitment, and how to apply for eligibility.