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Our educational philosophy comes from our Quaker roots. We believe truth cannot be dictated, it has to be discovered. The teaching method is simple. We ask questions. We spark curiosity. Then we empower students to explore.

When a subject is interesting, learning is fun. A Lower School unit on peace might use rocks and paint to share beauty. A Middle School science course will visit the snakes in our science room and the dinosaur skeletons at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Upper School lessons on chemistry will lead to student-built ozone detectors and measurements from around the school building, including the roof. In every subject, teachers use a vast toolbox of resources to engage our students and bring studies to life.

The journey from Pre-K to 12th grade is a cohesive progression. Ideas and skills build, year upon year. First graders learn Spanish vocabulary, then in second grade they add grammatical constructions. Eighth graders study human culture through a broad lens, then ninth graders delve into art history at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We craft a curriculum specifically for each stage of development, so every grade brings new challenges. And new adventures. Our curriculum is also pliable. It’s designed to flex so we can guide every individual student to success.

Our educational program is active and playful, but it is also deep, complex, and challenging. Students gain skills in research, writing, listening, and oral and visual presentation. They gain knowledge. More importantly, they gain the ability to think critically. They learn to explore independently. So they never stop learning, even after they leave our halls.