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Parent Association tips

The Family Association compiled these tips for parents new to the school or rising into a new division.


  • All parents/guardians are members of the Family Association.
  • FSS utilizes the city to nurture the learning environment, don’t be surprised if your child tells you the class went to an impromptu trip because it would enhance the learning experience in a certain subject.
  • You can purchase FSS spirit items at the Front Desk (FSS water bottles, FSS hats, FSS t-shirts, car magnets).
  • You are welcome but not expected to attend the weekly meeting for worship - check with your teacher to see if you are allowed to sit with your children.
  • The roof is Astroturf. Your student is likely to come home with plastic grass stuck to their clothes from static and little black rubber pebbles in their shoes. It looks like mouse droppings, but it is just rubber used to aerate the turf.


  • What is Fun Week? It is a week of field trips run by the After School Program the week after school lets out in June. There is a cost per day and space is limited. Contact for more information.
  • What items should I pack for my child’s first day of school? Nothing, send your child to school with an empty backpack/bookbag for papers they may receive on the first day. All school supplies are provided by the school and shared by all students. Unless your child has special needs that have already been discussed with the teacher, that special box of crayons or construction paper should be used at home.
  • What if my child wants to bring his/her own lunch? Unless your child has special dietary needs, children choose from the lunch options provided by the school or you must bring enough food for the entire class to share.
  • Children share lockers and, unlike the middle and upper schools, are not allowed to decorate them. The lockers do not have locks either.
  • Drop off is a difficult time to try to have a quick meeting with the teachers. However, the teachers are very responsive to emails or a quick note. Always reach out to the teacher via email or a note to request some time for a meeting.
  • You will get emails from the library about overdue books, everyone gets them.
  • You will be surprised with the level of independence you see from children as young as 5 years old. Trust me your child will develop that same level of independence. It takes the PARENTS some time to adjust.
  • Parents are allowed to have lunch in the classroom with their child(ren) it is fun and your child will enjoy showing you how well they do their assigned job. Plan this with your student's teacher.
  • Your child will become very comfortable with public speaking. There are several opportunities throughout the school year such as “Meet the Authors” starting in kindergarten (your child is the author), that provide children opportunities to speak in front of groups of people.
  • The children are paired with a book buddy and a meeting for worship partner up to 4th grade.
  • Important events for lower school parents to attend at school include “Meet the Authors” day and your child’s Birthday Circle.
  • What is “Birthday Circle”? Students’ Birthdays are generally celebrated at school by the child bringing in snacks to share; their class sings a birthday song and each member of the class shares their appreciation of the birthday child. Usually your child's Birthday Circle is on their birthday but you can schedule it with your teacher if it falls on a weekend over the summer, or a day you can’t be here.


  • 5th grade is part of the middle school.
  • In 5th grade students have an even wider selection of food to choose from in the dining hall. This is the perfect time to teach children how to budget. You will be surprised how quickly the cost of the meals can add up.
  • Children can bring their own school supplies.
  • They do not share lockers and are allowed to decorate their lockers as well.
  • Children can bring their own lunch.
  • Although 4th and 5th grade classes are down the hall from each other, they are very different experiences for kids. Fifth graders have more responsibility for tracking their homework and projects.
  • Because Lower School and Middle School have different heads, families may experience different behavioral standards.
  • The parent-teacher coffees with Middle School Director are very useful for learning about what is going on at school. Worth making time for them!
  • Athletic socks and shin guards can be purchased in the business office.


  • Upper school is a big change from middle school.
  • Fall sports begin practice several weeks before school starts -- check the calendar. This is a great opportunity for your child to meet other students.
  • Sports are required until 12th grade. “Each student in grades 9 through 12 is required to participate in either one season of an interscholastic sport, perform in a drama production each year, serve as a member of the stage and tech crew, or participate in one of the community activities that fulfill the activity requirement. All student-athletes (9 through 12) involved in interscholastic sports practice five days per week each season. Each sport has a training period before the season begins.” - Upper School Handbook

This is an unofficial guide written by current parents. We are always collecting new tips. Email your additions to