Inclement Weather School Closing Policy

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Parents should first go to the homepage of the school's website for school closing information. If closed or in the event of a delayed opening, Friends Select School will also be listed on the KYW 1060/CBS Philly website.

Friends Select School follows the decision of the School District of Philadelphia with regard to school closing.

The following applies to travel-related inclement weather closings (i.e. school closings necessitated by bad road conditions which make traveling to and from school hazardous):

1. If Philadelphia public schools are open, Friends Select is open.

2. If Philadelphia public schools are closed, Friends Select is closed.

3. If Philadelphia public schools are open without transportation, Friends Select is open without transportation.

4. If Philadelphia public schools must close early in the day due to heavy snow development, Friends Select also will close early in the day.

5. If Philadelphia public schools are starting late, Friends Select will start late (delayed open time will be the same as for public schools). The building will open 30 minutes prior to the start of school.

After School Program will NOT operate on days the school closes early. Parents of ASP children will be asked to make arrangements for their child/ren to be picked up from school as soon as possible or by 3 p.m.

After School Program does NOT operate on days school is closed.

Vacation Care will be decided on a case by case basis. Please call the school main number at 215-561-5900 to determine if Vacation Care is open on days public schools are closed due to travel-related inclement weather.

Inclement Weather Policy Rationale

The decision to close or to start late or to close early due to inclement weather is the same as the School District of Philadelphia (SDP). Years ago, Friends Select adapted the decision made by the SDP and has found this policy to be efficient and safe for the entire school community.

Under the current policy, the school is confident that:

  • A decision is made based on reliable information from multiple sources including PennDot, the Philadelphia Streets Department, SDP Department of Transportation, contracted transportation services, the Philadelphia Police Department, and the weather bureau.
  • FSS faculty and staff will be able to get to school in a timely manner to meet students when they arrive and conduct a regular school day with normal school attendance.
  • There is a definitive decision being made based on the occurring or anticipated weather conditions, well before the start of school. The school is also in a better position to plan and handle its snow removal responsibilities to ensure safety for students, parents, and faculty and staff, when school does open.
  • When SDP makes the call to close school, open late, or dismiss early, the decision is quickly communicated to the public through multiple channels, such as TV, radio, and various websites.
  • Other Independent, Quaker schools benchmark their decision on what the SDP decides.